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All You Need Is Liverpool

Hello from Liverpool, UK!

This month has been a bit of an adjustment. My routine fell into place quickly in Leeds, but for some reason it's taken me a quick minute to get used to things here in Liverpool. The bus ride into the City is a bit longer, although I generally don't mind bus rides as long as I can listen to a good podcast or music. I'm in a different AirBnb with a different room, different hosts and flatmates. But I know I'll adapt and get on with things.

When I think back to all the co-working spaces I've joined, some were better than others, but all of them were productive environments. My Avenue HQ Mann City co-working space is right on the docks, right by the water. I love the location, and it's a great place to spend my days.

Liverpool attracts many tourists (obviously due to The Beatles), so I did partake in some "touristy" things which were actually quite fun. There are many UNESCO World Heritage Sites here, and I'm right in the middle of them!

The Food Truck Scene at The Docks

Canning Dock on the River Mersey here in Liverpool has become a food truck haven! It’s the perfect place to grab some creatively good eats and sit and ponder the river, boats, and history. The dock was opened in 1737.

I haven’t tried any of them yet, but I will. If you could only pick one, which would you choose?

The Beatles Museum

Spending a couple of hours in this museum was well worth it! It really takes you back. You start out at the very beginning with John Lennon's first band, the Quarrymen. There's a replica of The Cavern Club here in Liverpool, where The Beatles played in their early years. There is also a re-creation of Abbey Road Studios (and the Studio Two room) where they recorded most of their songs.

Later in the tour, they dedicate space to each Beatle and their solo achievements. It ends with the re-creation of the White Room, where John wrote Imagine.

The museum is full of history and great music. It's really well done!

Beautiful Places

You don't have to go far to see and appreciate the architecture, history, and overall beautiful places here in Liverpool. The life-size statue of The Beatles always attracts a crowd.

The Royal Liver Building is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city of Liverpool. At the top are two Liver Birds that watch over the city and the sea. Legend has it that if these two birds were to fly away, the city would cease to exist.


It's been four months now since I've been in the UK. By far, it's been the most active length of time I've spent since I began my journey. With Covid not being much of a factor, my life has greatly expanded.

I do believe in terms of weather and temperature, it's the best place to be in Europe. I've needed a jacket most days, but I am expecting a bit of heat at some point this summer. But I know from being here in 2020, the heat waves don't last long.

One more month in Liverpool, then I'm heading to Manchester for the month of August. This will mean I've spent a significant amount of time in the three larger cities in north England - Leeds, Liverpool, and Manchester. When I come back, I'll understand the cities better and know the best place to spend my time.

In the meantime....summer continues!

Thanks for following along!



Bob Tapper


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