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California Dreamin'

Hello from California!

I have fond memories of California. Nothing but love. It was my home for over 30 years! I wasn't sure what to expect or how to feel being back after all this time. I was open to any emotion or experience. For me, it certainly felt changed.

My six-week stay in Orange County, California would include three different moves. I stayed in two different Airbnb's, and also a guest cottage behind a home. One place was literally across the street from the beach! The others were close to the beach - and only about 10 minutes from the marinas, harbors, and docks along Pacific Coast Highway. Pretty nice!

The main purpose of being in California was to connect with friends. I did - and it was really, really beautiful. I had heartfelt conversations with friends that I haven't seen in almost three years. There's nothing better than a hug to bring forth those loving connections

I have to admit, it did sometimes feel like a California dream...

Huntington Beach - Surf City USA

Huntington Beach (also known as Surf City USA) is located along the coast of Orange County, California. It's known for its beach culture and active outdoor lifestyle - especially surfing. It also hosts the US Open of Surfing and Pacific Airshow. Huntington Beach is quite a beautiful place!

Laguna Beach

A place that will always be close to my heart is Laguna Beach. Laguna has been part of my life since my first visit in the early 1990s. Even when I first lived in Los Angeles, my friends and I would drive down on weekends to go to the beach.

I loved Laguna from my first visit, and I eventually made my home there. The lifeguard tower at Main Beach is iconic. When you see pictures, postcards, or paintings of Laguna, it will likely include this structure.

It's hard to believe, but this tower was actually part of a gas station back in the 1930s, and was originally across the street. It was later moved (by horses!) to the beach and used as a lifeguard tower. Today, it's a secondary tower because of its small size. A larger tower was eventually built nearby. Such a cool structure!

*Historic photo courtesy of Laguna Beach Historical Society

Favorite Moments:

After spending so many decades in California, with so many memories, this Golden State will always be special to me. And I'm always thankful for these friends.

Scrolling through my camera roll, I picked some of my favorite moments in California. Good times with wonderful people. It feels good to know that I can always come back and feel welcome.

So...I went to a beach wedding with former co-workers and friends, got my haircut by Dustin, went to a beautiful Sanskrit Sound Bath by Stacy, and reminisced with Myra (and her two adorable kids) about our twenty-year friendship! Oh, and I got cast in a short film!


There is no doubt that being back in the US has been an adjustment. So much has changed. Yet some things haven't.

I had wonderful and meaningful conversations with so many people in California. It was really heartwarming. I appreciate their friendship and kindness so much. I'm really glad I got to go.

Now that my time in California has come to a close, it's time to head back to Minnesota and spend more time with family until the end of the year. I'm dreaming of winter snow (hopefully), coffee by the fire, family and kid stuff, and best of all - the holiday traditions!

But before I get back to Minnesota, I've got a couple stops to make. One is in Oklahoma City, and the other in Des Moines, Iowa - otherwise known as The Heartland!

I really appreciate those who have been reading my travel blogs. Thanks for following along!



Bob Tapper

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