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Hello again Croatia

Hello from Croatia!

September has been a month of changes, and all of them very welcome. I loved my time in Portugal, but being back in Croatia has been filled with memories - and some brand new experiences.

I started out in Zagreb for the first 10 days of the month. As I've mentioned before, this is where I spent the spring of 2020, just when Covid (and a major earthquake!) hit. I found the capital city much more vibrant than when I left it, and it was fun to revisit some of my favorite spots during this much happier time. The Zagreb Cathedral was standing tall (and as beautiful as ever) and the street scene and people watching was still really fun.

Zagreb to Split by Train

Since I love train rides, I decided to take a scenic and relaxing trek from Zagreb down to the coastal town of Split - at the Adriatic Sea. The trip took about four hours, and the train was quiet and comfortable. I spent the time listening to podcasts and taking in the amazing scenery!

Catamaran to Brač Island

I only had one night in Split before I hopped on a catamaran and headed to the island of Brač, and the town of Bol. There are several back and forth trips each day on the catamaran, and it takes about an hour. There are fewer trips when tourist season ends in October, so getting back to the mainland for visits will be a bit trickier. I love watching the other boats (big and small) as you cruise along. There's also a coffee and snack bar, and big screen TVs. The Adriatic Sea is so blue and clear! But...island life is now here!

The Sights of Bol

Since I'll be here until the end of October, there will be many more beautiful pictures of Bol to share. Like all the islands off the coast, the town thrives on tourism. Everyone tells me this past summer was the best since before Covid in 2019. It's truly a magical place, and I arrived just in time to see many tourists create a nice vibe. I'll be here long enough to get a good feeling for what it's like to be a local too.


Being on a small, tranquil island is something I've never experienced. I knew that Brač Island would be a psychological change, given that my travels to date have taken me only to places with a vibrant city center. There is no city center in Bol. It's a small island town with approximately 1,000 local people. It was once a village of winemakers, fisherman, and sailors before becoming a first class tourist destination.

With no city center, there is just the boardwalk along the sea. There are lots of shops, excellent restaurants, fresh food - and boats going back and forth between the mainland and other islands.

The month of October will bring more changes, with even fewer tourists and many restaurants closing for the season. The last two weeks will be really interesting, and possibly challenging - with more time to relax, reflect, and rejuvenate. That is how I'm looking at this time in my life....and soon getting ready for my next move to Dubrovnik (back on the mainland) on November 1st.

Thanks for following along!



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