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Life is a Book

Hello from Paris!

It's a new year, with new thoughts - and plenty of excitement for 2022! One of my goals for this year is to "make a difference." It seems that life becomes much more meaningful if we can somehow make a difference in the world, or at least someone's life. I've been thinking about this a lot.

During my real estate career, I was able to "make a difference" by simply doing my job. My actions created a ripple that affected the people around me. I took care of buildings, connected with tenants, helped people find space, and hopefully made owners (and everyone) happy. I knew at the end of the day that I made a difference.

Since I started my new journey in 2020 as an actor traveling and experiencing Europe, I've often felt that what I do isn't positively affecting others - or making a difference. I'm enjoying my life, but am I adding any value to other peoples lives? I really want to change that, so this year I want to speak out and do more.

Often times, people in my life have said they want to hear more from me. I've been told to "speak up!" If not now, when? So, now's the time to begin.

Life is a Book

As a way to speak out more this year, I want to create videos that are more reflective of my life and how I view life in general. Through sharing my thoughts and feelings, maybe I'll say something that may resonate with others - and "make a difference." That is my hope anyway.

I'm not the first to say that life is like a book, but I've started to think of my life that way. Have you ever thought of your life as a book? - that all of our experiences in life become "chapters" in our book? I heard someone say once that we all have a story to tell. We all have a unique story. Maybe if we share our story, our life, our book - it may help someone and maybe make a difference.

Christmas Market

Europe is full of Christmas Markets, and Paris has some of the best! One night I joined a MeetUp group and we went to Marché de Noël Christmas Market. It's right across the street from Notre-Dame. I really fell in love with the warm, mulled wine on this chilly evening, and began to feel the Christmas spirit!

Christmas in Paris

The most important decision to come to Paris this winter was that I could spend Christmas with some family. Having their company made the holiday season really special. We strolled the festive streets, dined at some wonderful restaurants, and wandered through the Tuileries Garden Christmas Market too!


Paris has so much to offer. Since I've been here before and seen many of the typical sights, I've been trying to do non-touristy things and just blend in. Often times, this means just taking a long walk.

What's so nice about this city is that you can start walking in any direction and find block after block of great restaurants, shops, stores, and beautiful European architecture. I never get bored just walking around.

Now I enter my last month here, and I still plan to explore more. And at some point, I'll have to start thinking about my next move, which is back to the UK for a while. I'm very excited about the many creative opportunities that lie ahead!

Thanks for following along!



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