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Loving Lisbon in February

Hello from Lisbon!

Last we left off, I was in lockdown. Well, I still am. But...if I'm going to be locked down somewhere, I think Lisbon is a great place to be! At least the weather is comfortable and there tends to be quite a bit of sunlight to illuminate this little gem of a city!

I'm doing all I can to stay busy and creative - keeping up with social media, filming things, and trying to network. I really hope as of my next writing we'll be out of lockdown, but until then it's another opportunity to surrender things - and just roll with it best I can...


I took a day trip (3 1/2 hours each way by train) to Porto, Portugal - a city of known for the many bridges across the Douro River. Since we're in lockdown, nothing was open, but I feel that Porto will be an especially magical place when things open back up! It was a nice day to just stroll by the river and admire the magnificent bridge structures! I'll be spending more time here, and I'm really looking forward to exploring this part of Portugal!

Crazy, Modern Street Art

Wandering through the city of Lisbon (on their unique, cobblestone street tiles) you can't help but see some of the best street art! Fun, bright, colorful murals - and usually with a message of some sort. The city invited artists to specific locations where they were encouraged to paint to help beautify neighborhoods and courtyards, and also curb vandalism. Ah, the chill vibes of street art:)

A Phone Call with Myself

I wanted to express what I'm feeling about life and lockdown right now by having a phone call with myself. Here's how it went:


I'll be here in Lisbon through early May, and not sure what happens after that. I may extend my stay here for another 90 days - and move to Porto (see above!) to experience another part of this wonderful country. I've met so many good people here, both locals and transplants. I'd really like that to continue. I think Lisbon will always be in my life somehow.

Given what vaccine regulations and travel restrictions may look like in early May, my plans could change and I am considering a return to Croatia. I know so many people who can't wait to travel freely again, so I'm hoping this will be possible by the end of the year. Something to look forward to!

Thanks for following along! Stay safe and healthy everyone!



Bob Tapper


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