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Minnesota Nice

Hello from the United States!

It was an easy flight from the UK to the US, and it was quite an odd feeling returning after nearly three years. I think it was a combination of excitement, apprehension, and just entering the unknown that had me wonder...

Have things once familiar to me changed?

Everything in the US (and the world I suppose) feels a bit fragile right now. Nowadays we're challenged to find common topics to discuss with each other. One wrong word about politics, viruses, health, cultural issues, etc. can shake up relationships like never before.

My bottom line is this: I agree with some people. I disagree with others. That actually seems quite normal to me. I hope as time goes on we can all feel more secure in expressing our thoughts and opinions with each other.

I'm just trying to forge forward, accept and not judge others that may think and believe differently than me, practice non-reactivity - and most of all, be kind.

Given that, I''m expecting some quality moments in the US, and it started with two weeks in the great state of Minnesota to spend time with family. Being with my family helps to ground me. There's something special about being around people that have known you all your life. It's nice having a home life for a bit! Minnesota nice.

So, here was my Minnesota experience in September:

Lake Living

Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 lakes - the highest number of any state in the US! It makes sense, since Minnesota (according to the Dakota Sioux) actually means "clear, blue water."

The lake is the perfect place for family and friends to gather. Quiet and peaceful. The sound waves hitting the shore is so soothing. It's all about boating, swimming, and fishing. And just before sunset is the best time to catch a fish or two.

The Battle of Jesse James

Jesse James was an American outlaw, known for his bank and train robberies. On September 7, 1876, Jesse and his gang attempted to rob the First National Bank of Northfield, Minnesota.

Every year in Northfield, they recreate the events of that day. It was fun to be a part of the crowd and capture the re-enactment!

Minnesota State Fair

Our State Fair is a great state fair. Don't miss it, don't even be late!

Rodgers & Hammerstein

The Minnesota State Fair is a sure sign that summer is over and autumn is around the corner since it ends on Labor Day each year. The fair is one of the largest in the US and also one of the oldest. It began in 1859.

Watching kids get excited about midway games and rides, the smell of the wonderful food (omg the bacon!) is what this fair is about. Oh, and also the farm animals!


My time in the US is all part of this incredible journey of international travel and pursuing my creative endeavors. Whether it's exploring a new city or country, or visiting a familar one, I'm so grateful I can continue working on my acting, filmmaking, and travel blog passions.

Next blog is all about my California trip!

I really appreciate those who have been reading my travel blogs. Thanks for following along!



Bob Tapper

Outside US: +01 9494846275

Inside US: (949) 484-6275

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