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Opening up in Lisbon

Hello from Lisbon!

Oh, what a difference a month makes! We finally began opening up in April, and things are feeling more normal. Life is so good! It's been a time to start checking some sites off my list that I wanted to see and experience here in Lisbon before moving to Porto.

Meet Vincent Van Gogh

I've been waiting so long to see this exhibit! Even during lockdown, I was able to take train rides. One train I rode frequently always went by this big yellow tent-type building in Belém where the Meet Vincent Van Gogh ( exhibit is located. It was closed during lockdown, but finally opened in April - so off I went! I've seen the Van Gogh exhibit in Amsterdam, and this one did not disappoint. It's a magical and multi-sensory journey through his life! What made it especially nice was that I was there with only a handful of people since there are few tourists, with even locals still slow to venture out.

Lunch in Almada

Almada is a city and municipality in Portugal, and only a short boat ride from Lisbon across the Tagus River. It's known for having some of the freshest fish around, so I headed over for lunch! My lunch consisted of fresh sea bass, potatoes, and a glass of wine for only about $10 USD!

Learning About Sound

Being a part of the Filmmaking Lisboa ( group has given me the opportunity to make some friends and learn more aspects of good filmmaking. One day the group gathered for a learning session on "sound" - which is so important. Good sound and lighting are two key ingredients for making films that look professional (like big studio movies), and not amateurish (like a bad student film.)


My next blog will come to you from Porto, Portugal! I really have some mixed feelings about the move. I'm excited to see more of Portugal because I do love it here, however I've been told Porto is quite different from Lisbon (think Los Angeles vs. San Francisco). The cooler and wetter climate may be perfect for the summer though!

Lisbon has been wonderful in so many ways, and I never expected to be here this long. I actually feel somewhat grounded here, but at the same time really looking forward to continued travel. There are more places to see, more people to meet, and more experiences to be had. I'll be back to Lisbon for sure!

Thanks for following along! Stay safe and healthy everyone!



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