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Summer in Porto

Hello from Porto!

Summer is in full swing here in Portugal, and the comfortable weather makes it all the more enjoyable! Porto has nice seasonal temperatures (in the low 70's), usually sunny with a few cloudy or rainy days mixed in - and the only drawback for me has been a little sneezing from some allergies 🤧. Otherwise, it's a wonderful place to be in the summertime!

Covid is still happening here, unlike the U.S. where it seems to be over. Life in Porto is pretty much back to normal, with most businesses and restaurants open. There are still not as many tourists as usual (which is okay with me.) But masks are required indoors at stores and restaurants - and outdoors where you can't socially distance.

Portugal has had a hard time getting enough supply of vaccines, and keep in mind the entire country is the size of Los Angeles. The case numbers are going back up at the moment, and Lisbon (thankfully not Porto) is back to closing down at 3:30pm on Saturday and Sundays. The country is vaccinating as many people as quickly as possible to avoid more restrictions. The projections are that the numbers should drastically reduce as the months go on. We'll see.

I don't think Portugal will go back into a full lockdown like last winter. But one thing I've learned since I started my travels is that you never know what the future holds - so you just have to roll with it...

The Most Beautiful McDonald's

Someone told me that Porto had one of the most beautifully decorated McDonald's in the world. I thought he was kidding, but a quick Google search proved that this is actually true. I rarely eat at McDonalds, but I had to make a visit. What do you think? Is this the most beautiful McDonald's you've ever seen?

Livraria Lello

Every time I walk past this bookstore, there is a line of people waiting to get in. At first I thought maybe there was a book signing with some famous author. But upon further investigation, I found that Livraria Lello is one of the oldest bookstores in Portugal and rated amongst the top bookstores in the world! There's a Harry Potter connection too! Click here to see the full video! Oh, "Livraria" means "bookstore" in English - and there are lots of Livrarias around Porto.

Porto Legends: The Underground Experience

This was a really fun way to learn about the history of Porto, and Portugal in general. The presentation and special effects were awesome! It's a lot of information to absorb in just under an hour, but you leave with a much better understanding of the origins of the country. If you like wine, this is the place to be!


I'm really enjoying my summer here in Porto, and it's hard to believe that I only have another four weeks left. I'll be a bit sad to leave because I've met some really nice people and made friends. So on August 1st, it's back to Lisbon for a month!

I can't wait to see some of my filmmaking friends again, and am planning to be involved in a couple film projects as well. Super fun times ahead. But for now, I'm just relishing my time in beautiful Porto.

Thanks for following along!



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