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Vienna in February

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Hello from Vienna!

Vienna can be cold and dreary in February, but there is so much to do! There are the balls such as Johann Strauss Ball, and Opernball - if only I knew how to dance:) And then there is the ice skating (which I do know how to do), in front of Rauthaus City Hall. The rink has winding paths through the park and it consists of two levels connected by a ramp. This was a super fun Sunday and I didn't fall once!

The one surprising thing I discovered about Vienna is that it's located in a wind tunnel due to where it sits in relation to the Alps. How could I have not known this?? Of all the researching I did on Vienna, I'm really surprised I just found this out. I do feel like I'm adjusting to the colder weather, but I know now that the continual wind (even so slight) is making even mild days feel colder!

Talent Garden

Joining the Talent Garden (a coworking campus for freelancers, innovators, startups, and others) is something I probably should have done on my first day here. Working from my apartment was fine, but being in a creative environment like the Talent Garden makes all the difference in the world. It also provides some structure in my life. My typical day starts with the gym later in the morning, then heading over to TAG. Here I work on my social media, videos, and my blog. I also try to reach out and meet others here - which is expected. Networking is what it's all about. I find the people to be friendly, creative, and smart. It's the perfect environment for me!


Finding the English Improv Community group in Vienna has made me some friends, and also given me continual laughs! I found the group through MeetUp, and the weekly sessions have been so much fun. It also gives me the opportunity to converse in English, which is something that becomes really needed if living here for a while. Here is a picture of our group - well, part of it anyway since my arm wasn't long enough:) At the end of every session, we form a circle and join thumbs to make an imaginary basket. We take turns throwing our favorite moments from the evening into the "basket." It's quite a nice way to feel connected and end the evening. Of course, the evenings really end with drinks at a nearby pub:)

Film School Vienna

It was so much fun to participate in a Meisner training session through Film School Vienna this month. The Meisner method trains actors to be "in the moment"and always stay truthfully in relationship with their partners. The session ran for six hours, with 10 of us participating. I learned so much, sharpened some skills, and met some wonderful people. It was truly an experience I'll never forget - and I hope to be back to take more intensive classes.


The third city I visited outside of Vienna was Graz. It's about a 2 1/2 hour (very beautiful) train ride, and this trip was especially nice. It was pretty cold in Bratislava, and the city is older and more traditional. I loved Brno for the hip, young vibe in City Centre. But Graz (oh my gosh), has the traditional culture and youthful vibe, but also really good "foodie" food and a more pleasant climate. Graz gets some of the warmer Mediterranean winds - and it really made a difference in my experience because the sun was out all weekend! Check out the video below!


I've been to Amsterdam before, and it felt really good to be back. I had so much fun the first time, I was certain the second time would be just as fun. And who couldn't have fun eating lots of chocolate! The Chocoa Chocolade Festival ( was a blast! The Cocoa Drink Awards were the absolute best, since you got to taste soooo much hot chocolate:) I'll share a video next month.

And finally...

I feel like this is the month I've really settled in. Working out in the gym in the mornings, hanging out at the Talent Garden in the afternoon, and evenings spent at yoga, pilates, gong sound baths, or participating in acting/improv classes make me feel productive. Doing some traveling, sight seeing, and ice skating made me feel blessed and grateful to be on this journey. In March, changes are in store...more people to meet...and the life adventure continues.

Thanks for following along!



Bob Tapper


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