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Welcome to Porto

Hello from Porto!

Well, I made it to Porto! I'm really excited to explore another part of Portugal. People in Lisbon told me Porto has beautiful buildings and landscape, with cooler temperatures, more rain, and an overall different weather climate. I've found all of these things to be true. Most homes and apartments don't have air conditioning, so the cooler temperatures should be welcome this summer!

My Airbnb is super modern and nice, and really conveniently located. As soon as I walk out of my building, there are amazing restaurants and shops everywhere. The University of Porto is nearby, so there's a youthful feel to the area as well. I'm sure that if the usual amount of tourists were around, it would be really popping! But right now, there is just enough activity for me, and I am loving it!

The Douro River

Since I'd been here before, I knew I'd be spending much of my time near the Douro River and marveling at the six beautiful bridges that cross it! The Douro flows throughout Spain, and empties to the Atlantic Ocean here in Porto. The restaurants and atmosphere along the walkway next to the river is so electric! The people are friendly, and buskers provide the music vibe. The area is also full of history. More on that next month.

Porto (and Portugal in general) is known for their amazing wines, and the Douro provides access for the wine boats to transport it - as shown in the first photo below. You also see the Dom Luís I Bridge in the background. This double-deck bridge connects Porto (left side of the photo) to the city and municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia - also known as just "Gaia" (which is the hub for port wine.)

Along the river bank is The Ribeira (meaning riverside), Porto's riverside quarter. It's one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, and known for the tall, colorful building terraces which make up the main part of the river bank.

Set against the stunning blue skies of Portugal, this is a sight that never gets old. A night time boat ride is certainly in the future!


I've written before about my love of coworking spaces. I missed not joining one in Lisbon. My apartment there was quite spacious, and with the December holidays followed by lockdown, it just didn't make sense. So I worked from home. But I found a wonderful coworking space here and joined right away!

Selina ( provides guests with beautiful places to stay, travel, and work indefinitely. There are a few Selina's in the United States, but they are mainly located in Mexico, Latin American, and the U.K. - with six locations here in Portugal. They offer a great place to network, make friends, have fun, be healthy, and explore the city you are in. They are environmentally and socially conscious, and growing every day with new locations!

As you can see, the facade is decorated with stunning gold tiles and a pattern that really captures the eye. Inside and upstairs is a large, open workspace area with a high ornate white ceiling, modern light fixtures, and wide structural pillars. The large windows open up so you can let in a nice breeze. It's such a comfortable place - and the people are super nice.

The Street He Lives On

I met some great people and hopefully made some lasting friendships from my Filmmaking Lisboa group in Lisbon. One filmmaker, Hussene Keshavjee, cast me in a short film along with Rae Hannah and Fausto Muniz. Rae plays my daughter, and I can certainly see a resemblance. Do you agree? We shot the film in my apartment and I loved being part of the creative team that made this happen. Hope you enjoy it!


I'm really looking forward to being in Porto this summer. I feel very productive and in a good groove. I once again joined a gym, and it's within walking distance from my apartment. Having my coworking space so close by is also really convenient. I walk to everything!

I can stay healthy and in shape, get lots of work done, take in gorgeous scenery, and have tons of restaurants nearby to choose from. I was told, and have to agree, the food is Porto is really fresh and tasty. It's going to be a great summer!

Thanks for following along!



Bob Tapper


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