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Hey Everyone! I wrote a book and wanted to share it with you. I initially went to California to pursue acting, but ended up working in the corporate world for 30 years. In 2019, I retired to rekindle my passions for acting, filmmaking, storytelling, and travel in Europe.

Things were going well until the pandemic hit in early 2020. I barely made it to Croatia before borders closed and an earthquake struck. The US State Department urged me to return, but with no home, car, or job to return to, I stayed in Europe, navigating the pandemic while pursuing my dreams as best as I could.

After nearly 3 years, I returned to a changed US. Those years taught me about embracing change, resilience, kindness, and acceptance. If you're interested, my book is available for free on Apple Books and at a low price elsewhere. Check it out!

There are several ways to read “Hollywood to Europe (and back)":

You can download it directly (.pdf) by clicking here.

It’s also available on:

  • Apple Books (free)

  • Amazon (Kindle and other devices) $2.99 USD - not recommended for black & white reader devices.



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