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Springtime in Zagreb

Hello from Croatia!

Well, I had planned on telling you all about my trip to Split, followed by my trip to Dubrovnic. There would be beautiful videos of the beaches and the Adriatic Sea. I would also be showing you pictures of the new gym I joined, the new co-working space I'm working from, the interesting people I've met, and of course the wonderful food I've tasted here in Zagreb.. But we all know that didn't happen:)

Let's just say I got to know my neighborhood in Zagreb very well during the month of April! Actually, the month turned out just fine. The weather has been amazing, so being able to be outside has been a life saver. Dubrovnic, Split, and the islands off the Adriatic Sea will have to wait until another visit. But here's what I did experience:

Park Maksimir

Park Maksimir is the largest city park in Zagreb. It is over 200 years old and is about 316 acres. It's full of sunny meadows, gorgeous trees, hiking trails, and five lakes! I've spent many, many afternoons here, and it was a pretty easy walk. I'll take a blanket and do one of my hour long yoga workouts here. Take a walk through the park with me!

Sava River Walk

The Sava River isn't withing walking distance of my apartment, but I could take a short Uber ride to get there. It was a welcome change of scenery, and so beautiful!

St. Stevens Church Spire

The March 22, 2020 earthquake knocked the top spire (left) off of the Zagreb Cathedral. They wrapped the one on the right and used explosives to remove it until they are able to repair the damaged one. It was fun to see the small group gather each day to watch the progress! By mid-April, they were leveled out.

Changes in Zagreb

It was such a wonderful feeling to see things start to open last week. On April 27th, they opened all retail stores. Some buses and trams started to roll again as well, but it was actually the earthquake damage not yet cleared in the streets that prevented all transportation from opening. And...May 4th I can get a haircut! Then on May 11th, the restaurants will open, with sidewalk seating only - and social distancing in place. But it sure has been a welcome change from the darker days of late March and early April when the city was completly shut down!


I've adjusted to things better than I thought. So many people lost the structure they had in their lives very quickly. So many people are hurting. I think the reason I've adjusted so well is that I never had any structure to begin with. I had planned on creating some structure like I did in Vienna, so my new structure had to be built around how the coronavirus affected Zagreb.

My new structure involves twice daily walks at 10am and 2pm, and daily online workouts. I also found many shows to binge watch on Netflix, and caught up on movies I had wanted to see. The best part of all was seeing the progress Croatia made in dealing with the Covid-19, and seeing things start to open!

So now comes the month of May, where a decision will have to be made. Can I - and how do I - get to London??

Thanks for following along! Stay safe and healthy everyone!



Bob Tapper


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