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August in Leeds: Summer Splendor

Hello from Leeds, England!

As summer slowly comes to a close here in Yorkshire, it's been an absolute blast! These past few months have been a delightful mix of adventure, discovery, and happiness. This marks my third English summer, and I must say, I'm feeling right at home. The weather has been quite agreeable. There's been a good balance of a few warm days but mainly consistently pleasant cool temperatures and a good bit of rain. Along the way, I've strengthened my bonds with friends, fellow actors, and folks in the industry, and honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Throughout most of this month, I've had the joy of discovering the captivating history and beauty that's all around me, with no day train trips. There's an array of things to see and do here in Leeds, making it an incredibly enjoyable time overall.

Kirkstall Abbey

Kirkstall Abbey is within walking distance of my Airbnb. One sunny morning, I walked though it. Kirkstall Abbey stands as a testament to medieval architecture and spirituality. With its grand Gothic arches, towering walls, and peaceful surroundings, the abbey offers a mesmerizing glimpse into the past. I took a walking tour through this remarkable Cistercian monastery, and learned about its cultural significance. Whether you're a history enthusiast or simply seeking a moment of tranquility, Kirkstall Abbey is the place to visit.

Royal Armories

Every day as I walk to my co-working space at Leeds Dock, I pass by the Royal Armories. The Royal Armouries is a captivating cultural institution that offers a fascinating journey through the history of weaponry, armor, and military artifacts. The museum showcases a diverse and extensive collection spanning centuries of warfare and craftsmanship. The exhibits bring to life the evolution of arms and armor, from medieval knights to modern soldiers, offering insights into the technological advancements, artistic intricacies, and historical contexts that shaped these instruments of defense and offense. Through interactive displays, immersive experiences, and engaging educational programs, the Royal Armouries provides a captivating exploration of humanity's martial heritage. Its strategic location at Leeds Dock adds to the overall allure, providing a dynamic backdrop for this rich exploration of military history.

Hold Fast Bookstore

Walking around Leeds Dock, I was immediately attracted to Hold Fast Bookstore – a truly ingenious blend of books and plants. What sets this establishment apart is its unique setting within the venerable confines of the Marjorie. R., a historic coal boat that once served the Thornhill power station back in 1946. Now, having been resurrected and given a new lease on life, the Marjorie. R. stands as a sanctuary for both book lovers and plant enthusiasts alike.

Venturing below deck, you see a splendid assortment of thoughtfully curated books, spanning a delightful spectrum from timeless classics to contemporary fiction that never fails to intrigue. In addition to this literary treasury, the store boasts an amazing array of houseplants, each bearing its own distinctive name. The lower deck even has a welcoming fireplace and plush seating, inviting you to unwind in a setting that pays homage to history. It's such a cool place!

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So, it's time to embark on a new adventure! I'm all set to make my way to Liverpool for the whole month of September. A change of scenery is just what I need right now. I've got some wonderful memories from my two-month stay last summer, even though it didn't quite match up to the charm of Manchester or Leeds. Still, who knows what delightful surprises I might stumble upon this time around?

I'll be sure to find a good routine during my stay, including hitting the gym and finding a cozy co-working spot. My absolute favorite spot was by Albert Dock and the water – there's something truly special about that place that will be part of my routine for sure.

But wait, there's more on the horizon! After Liverpool, I'm taking an even bigger leap and heading off to Albania for a couple of months. I'm beyond thrilled for this new adventure, especially since I've never been to Albania before. The journey there is a bit of a trek, which only means I'll have some stories to tell. I'm very excited for this adventure!

I really appreciate those who have been reading this blog. Thanks for following along!


Bob Tapper

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