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Exploring Athens, Greece

Hello from Athens, Greece!

There's so much to explore here in Greece, and I've begun to discover it! We've only seen a few wintry days, with cool temperatures, rain, and some wind. But the sunny days are plentiful, and getting out to see the beautiful sites of Athens is underway!

The Parthenon

I wasn’t sure about the best time to visit the Acropolis and Parthenon. But one beautiful, glorious sunny day, I decided to hike on up. The nice weather, the history, the views - wow, what a great day!

Marina Zeus

The California in me always has me searching for the water, harbors, beaches, and boats wherever I go - if possible. And obviously Greece has that element being in the Mediterranean area.

Marina Zeus (Zay-Us) is a fancy super yacht marina in Pasalimani Bay on the peninsula of Piraeus. It has great restaurants, fresh fish, overall amazing food and drinks - and plenty of history.

The harbor was a former military base, and the swimming competition took place here in the 1896 Summer Olympics. It was renovated for the 2004 Summer Olympics as well!

I could sit here all day and gaze out into the Aegina Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea beyond! I make it a weekly ritual and love it here!

Monastiraki Square

The main metro station that I use as my home base is the Monastiraki station, built in 1895. It's a very central point in Athens, and you can easily walk to most significant places from here.

The square is a former religious site, and full of history. You're surrounded by the remains of churches, mosques, temples, and cemeteries. Down one street is a flea market, and restaurants and shops are all around, including street vendors selling baked goods, fruit, and much more...

And the Acropolis is always within view!

Bob Tapper: Life Abroad, a documentary travel podcast

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I’m really enjoying my time here in Athens. The only downside is there really aren’t any opportunities here for me as an actor. So I’ve just been focusing on the “travel blogger” aspect of my life and working on some videos. And this is a wonderful place to do it!

Soon enough I’ll be back in the U.K. for a good long stay where my main focus will be honing my acting skills and searching for creative opportunities. But until then, I’m going to keep exploring, learning, and enjoying my travels in Greece.

I really appreciate those who have been reading this blog. Thanks for following along!


Bob Tapper

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