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Exploring Manchester in Spring

Hello from Manchester!

As the warmth of spring unfolds here in the north of England, there's a noticeable shift in the air. Surprisingly, my allergies seem to be less of a nuisance this year, with fewer sneezes and sniffles disrupting my day.

With this newfound sense of ease, I've joyfully shed my winter jacket (some days anyway) and embarked on a journey of exploration, eager to immerse myself in the beauty and wonder of the season.

Exploring North England, especially the Manchester area, is like diving into a storybook filled with charm and history. From Manchester's bustling streets to the serene countryside, there's endless discovery and delight awaiting.

Peel Tower

On a gorgeous spring day, I took a trip to Bury, a historic market town nestled in the heart of Greater Manchester once known for its textile mills.

The destination: Holcombe Hill, home to the magnificent Peel Tower, also known as Peel Monument, paying tribute to Robert Peel, a former UK Prime Minister born in Bury. The tower was built in 1852 at a cost of £1000, and stands 128-feet tall

The climb takes roughly 30 minutes, a relatively straightforward cobblestone path, before transitioning to gravel and rocks, presenting a steeper challenge. Along the way, you pass by picturesque landscapes, grazing goats, and a gradual unveiling of breathtaking views as we ascend.

Upon reaching the top, a panoramic view unfolds, revealing the charming villages of Bury, with clear days offering glimpses of Manchester and even Wales in the distance. While the tower typically remains closed, occasional Sunday openings provide a chance to explore its interior and ascend higher for an unparalleled view.

This was a beautiful day, blending a scenic hike with captivating history, leaving me with memories of a truly enriching experience in Bury.

Confession - Student Film

I'm thrilled to unveil this delightful short film! It's a heartwarming tale, and I had an absolute blast portraying a kind-hearted dad. Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the story:

Confession begins within the stark confines of a police interrogation room, with a bewildered teenage boy at its center, grappling with uncertainty. As the tension mounts under the relentless scrutiny of the interrogation, a curious realization dawns upon him - perhaps this sterile room isn't what it seems. With a surge of imagination, he dares to envision the unthinkable: could this interrogation room be a figment of his own vivid imagination? Amidst this revelation, he contemplates the daunting prospect of confessing his academic struggles to his parents, only to find that reality may be kinder than his fears.

Did You Get That? - Student Film

The memory of creating this short film will forever linger in my mind, like an indelible mark etched in the fabric of my being. From the eerie chill of a damp forest late at night to the surreal sensation of being devoured by a monster adorned with Hollywood-grade makeup, every moment of this experience is seared into my memory. As the film takes shape, it exceeds all expectations, evoking a sense of pride and satisfaction within me. I'm thrilled to announce that it's being submitted to several prestigious horror film festivals, a testament to the hard work and dedication poured into its creation. While I'm unable to share the full film just yet, I'm excited to offer a tantalizing glimpse through its trailer, a mere taste of the chilling journey that awaits. Stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling cinematic venture!

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As of June 1st, I've made my way to Leeds! It's just a quick train ride away, but the vibe here is definitely different from the bustling "more metropolitan" city life of Manchester.

The last couple of months in Manchester were incredibly exciting. I got new actor headshots done and wrapped up two short films. There are a few more projects in the works, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more film opportunities. I'm sure there will be plenty more exploratory day trips by train here in northern England in the near future.

Now, it's time to embrace the summer months. I'm hoping for the usual cool climate we've had in recent years—just a few warm days, perfect without air conditioning!

Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the start of summer!

I really appreciate those who have been reading this blog. Thanks for following along!


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