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Lazy August Days in London

Hello from London!

Summer is winding down and I can't believe I've spent a whole summer in London. Last month, I mentioned the comfortable summer temperatures here. Well, August had one really hot week and you don't find much air conditioning in the UK. So I truly had a few hot summer nights. That was an adjustment, but I'm not complaining because most of the summer temps were really nice - with no humidity or bugs. I didn't travel out of London in August, but found some local things to do instead!

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square in located in the heart of London. Glance around and you'll see Kensington Palace, The London Eye, The West End, and behind you is the National Gallery.

There is always something going on at Trafalgar Square, and it never ceases to be full of life and creativity!

British artist Heather Phillipson's work in this display represents celebration and protest, shared with other forms of life. You can use your phone to live stream what the drone sees.

This picture captures so much. In addition to the whipped cream, cherry, mosquito, and drone, if you look closely you can also see:

  • the London Eye

  • an airplane

How much more can you fit in one picture!

Camden Town

Every day this summer, I trekked to my co-working space in Camden Town. The workspace was awesome, but discovering Camden Town was a real treat! This is a colorful, eclectic, and creative place with so much to see. In this video you'll see the vibrant street scene, Regent's Canal (which runs through the town) and a couple of the places that Amy Winehouse frequented. She was born nearby and passed away here - and she called Camden her "playground."

Tower Bridge

I took a couple days in August to just play tourist. So...I visited Tower Bridge and the Tower of London! London is full of rich history, and these two places are just the tip of what a person can learn and discover. But they certainly are a must-see for anyone visiting London.

London Walks MeetUp: Richmond Park

Richmond (Richmond upon Thames) is an affluent residential borough in London that sits along the Thames River. One beautiful Sunday afternoon in August, I joined the London Walks MeetUp group to hike through Richmond Park. Here is the perspective from Richmond Hill looking towards Windsor. This view has inspired many famous paintings. It's quite breath taking, and hasn't changed in over 200 years! We also walked by Pete Townsend's home called The Wick. Mick Jagger and Brad Pitt are among the famous people that own (or have owned) homes here.


Looking back on my summer, London was a great place to be. I most certainly will never forget where I was during the summer of 2020. September is fully booked with a screen acting class I'm taking at Actor's Studio UK at Pinewood Studios. This is a four-week course and it will be educational and super fun. Cameras aren't allowed inside our studio or inside Pinewood Studios, but I'll somehow try to give you some insight to the month.

But one thing for sure...I'm looking forward to Scotland in October and continuing the journey!

Thanks for following along! Stay safe and healthy everyone!



Bob Tapper


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