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Moving Forward Into 2023

Hello from Athens, Greece!

The last four months have been life-changing. It's a crazy world, and we're living in unprecedented times. Reconnecting with family and friends reminds me that we all need to show as much love and kindness as we possibly can towards each other.

I found that some of my relationships had changed. Some had stayed the same. And, some had even deepened. Change happens. It's all good. I have nothing but love for my family and friends.

My time in the U.S has been a lesson in not reacting to situations, but rather going with the flow of life. And it's been about trusting that everything will be okay. I shared beautiful moments with family and friends, and those moments are the ones I carry with me forever.


Moving forward into 2023 is especially exciting for me. Not only because I'll be spending more time in the U.K. cultivating relationships and furthering my acting career, but because I've become clearer on who I am as a person.

While I was in California, it really hit me. Yes, I'm an actor and enjoy "living truthfully under imaginary circumstances" (to quote acting teacher Sanford Meisner), but I also enjoy filmmaking. All aspects of it. In front of the camera, behind it, or along side it. And on top of that, I enjoy traveling and sharing my travel stories and adventures.

So yes, I'm an Actor, Filmmaker, and Travel blogger. And in 2023, I'm ramping up the travel blogger aspect of my life!

BOB TAPPER: Life Abroad, a documentary travel podcast

I've been writing this blog every month for three years now. And this will continue. But I plan to expand on that - and I'm starting a travel podcast!

My new podcast is called Bob Tapper: Life Abroad, a documentary travel podcast

Each month (along with this blog) I'll be publishing podcast episodes that I hope you'll enjoy. I want to inform, educate, create some value, and entertain.

I've come to believe that it doesn't matter where you are. It's your experience of where you are that matters.

I'm starting 2023 in Athens, Greece and will be here for three months! I've never been here before, so I'm super excited and ready to explore. What should I see? Where should I go?

To start 2023, I thought I'd ask people on my travels from the U.S. to Athens what their wish for the world was for the New Year. I then asked some people what I should do first when I get to Athens. Take a listen!

I'm launching my podcast starting with Season 4. If you go back and listen to Seasons 1-3, you'll hear about my journey so far and how I got to this point. However, now is the time to move forward, meet people, interview people, and get different perspectives on life abroad.


I hope you'll subscribe to my podcast.

Just search "Bob Tapper" wherever you get your podcasts!


I'm so grateful to be on this journey. Let's keep going...

Thanks for following along - and welcome to my Life Abroad podcast!


Bob Tapper

Outside US: +01 9494846275

Inside US: (949) 484-6275

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