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September: Transitions

Hello from Edinburgh Scotland!

Okay, well first off, let's say it right. I can tend to mangle many languages, but I was taught in London how to properly pronounce "Edinburgh." To me, it looks like you would say "Ed-in-berg." I've even heard some pronounce it "Ed-in-buro." But I've been corrected many times and it's actually pronounced "Ed-in-bruh." So there you have it!

My last month in London was spent at the Actors Studio UK, where I was enrolled in their Masterclass is Screen Acting. It was very intense, but really fun! Our classes were Monday - Friday from 10am to 5pm. Lots of scripts to memorize. But, I met some super nice people and learned so much! It was well worth it.

Their studio is located at Pinewood Studios, known for their filming of James Bond, Star Wars, and one of the Harry Potter movies. It was so amazing going there each day considering its history and secluded location outside of London. It opened in 1936. Oh, and they were filming a major film while we were there, but I was sworn to secrecy not to tell the name...not yet anyway!

Each student filmed two scenes the last week of class with a professional crew. We had a scene directed by Tim Kent and another by Taz Ayoub, each shot on a high-quality RED digital cinema camera, with sound, lighting - and both scenes will be professionally edited within the next four weeks. I'll share them next month. In one scene, I play a doctor!


Every actor needs headshots, which are basically your calling card. So I recently sat for a photoshoot with Anna Chand, the Director of Photography from the Actors Studio UK. I think she did an amazing job of making me look presentable!

The English and the Letter "T"

One thing I noticed about the English...they have a weird thing with the letter T!

Abbey Road

Before I left London, I had to see the famous cross walk that was on the cover of the Beatles Abbey Road album. I think tourists walk across this street almost every day throughout the year, and I'm sure drivers get plenty annoyed. They must be used to it by now. But you can't be in London and not see it!

Goodbye London. Hello Scotland!

Saying goodbye to my London Airbnb family was kind of hard. Four months is a long time to live with a family I don't know, but I couldn't have asked for a better host! We all got along very well. There was a park across the street, so I took my yoga mat and exercised almost every day since the gyms were closed during most of my stay. My bedroom was cozy and it felt like home. I also think I've made some lifetime friends.

But, onward to Edinburgh!


Traveling during this pandemic has given me very mixed emotions. Since I was in Europe before the global outbreak, I've been able to continue my travels. My motto has always been "I'm going to just keep moving forward and do what I can."

I was locked down in Croatia, but things really opened up in May so I could travel around the country, visit shops as usual, and enjoy the bar and restaurant scene. Things felt pretty normal. I even got to London in June with no problems - and by July almost all retail stores, restaurants, and pubs were open. Moving up here to Scotland was easy because I'm still in the UK - just a short, beautiful four-hour train ride.

So for me, being on my own, the pandemic hasn't really affected me all that much. But I also realize that others are still struggling and afraid to move about. Families and friends remain apart, and life is by far not back to normal. Sickness and death are never easy to deal with and always sad.

It's so hard to listen to podcasts by professional travelers who can't even leave the United States right now. So many people are anxious to travel throughout the world again, and no one knows when that may be. Yet, here I am. year started out differently than most others, arriving in Europe in a pre-pandemic world. Ten months later I now wear a mask where required and follow the Covid rules. So without any guilt, I'll just stick to my motto and keep moving forward and do what I can.

Each and every day I remain grateful to be on this journey - continuing to learn, grow, and explore. And for now, that's here in Edinburgh.

Thanks for following along! Stay safe and healthy everyone!



Bob Tapper


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