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Wintering in Lisbon

Hello from Lisbon!

Welcome to my February blog update, live from Lisbon! The weather here has been pleasant, mostly sunny with occasional rain showers. My Airbnb is cozy and conveniently located, providing the perfect environment for productivity.

The highlight of my time here is undoubtedly my involvement with the filmmaking group. I came seeking opportunities, eager to contribute both in front of and behind the camera. My ultimate desire is to immerse myself in the creative process, and thankfully, there have been numerous chances to do just that. I feel gratified knowing that my talents are being utilized to their fullest extent.

Certainly, I do enjoy indulging in some touristy activities from time to time. There's something quite refreshing about simply relaxing, wandering, and exploring the city at my own pace. With its abundance of attractions, this city offers endless opportunities for discovery, and its beauty never fails to captivate me.

Sanctuary of Cristo Rei (Christ the King)

On a stunning, sunlit day, I made the decision to venture to Almada and behold the awe-inspiring Sanctuary of Cristo Rei, often referred to as the arms of Portugal. Following a brief ferry journey across the Tagus River and a leisurely stroll, the majestic statue gradually comes into view, standing tall and magnificent.

As you approach the statue, its significance becomes apparent. Built in fulfillment of a vow made by Portugal's Catholic bishops in 1940, amidst the turmoil of World War II, the monument serves as a testament to the nation's neutrality throughout the conflict. Construction commenced in 1951, following Portugal's unscathed emergence from the war.

Despite the wait for the elevator ride to the summit, the experience is well worth it. At the pinnacle, visitors are greeted by a place of solemn prayer for peace, accompanied by breathtaking panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Delicious Assortment of 5 Chocolates

Participating in this Portuguese film was an absolute blast! It was a unique improvisational endeavor, undertaken with no budget and the ambitious aim of wrapping up production within a mere six hours.

Here's the premise: Today is Barbara’s birthday and her friends surprise her with chocolates, poems, songs, and ukulele serenades. Just when she thinks the surprises are over, a mysterious delivery leaves her pondering the fleeting nature of friendships. This film is about valuing precious bonds and cherishing every moment with those we love.

Bob Tapper: Life Abroad, a documentary travel podcast

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It's been wonderful reconnecting with friends from my last visit here in 2021. However, it's clear that building friendships and professional connections takes time. My nomadic lifestyle presents a challenge - just when reconnections are made, it's time to move on.

Nevertheless, the perks of my adventurous travel are undeniable, and for the moment, I wouldn't have it any other way. As March draws to a close, I'll be returning to Manchester, UK. Once again, I look forward to reuniting with familiar faces and working on strengthening these relationships.

I really appreciate those who have been reading this blog. Thanks for following along!


Bob Tapper

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