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Back to Leeds

Hello from Leeds, England!

Hello from Leeds! I've made my way back to this vibrant city, and even though it's just a short 45-mile journey from Manchester, the process of packing up and relocating, no matter the distance, always feels like a significant and transformative experience for me.

Fortunately, my allergies are well under control, and as summer takes hold, I'm enjoying the pleasant weather. While warm days aren't in abundance, I must admit that I do miss the luxury of air conditioning. Typically, July tends to cool down a bit, but we might see some warmer days in August. Only time will tell how the temperatures unfold throughout the summer season.

Returning to Leeds brings a sense of familiarity, as I'm staying at the same Airbnb as last year. It's comforting to be surrounded by the same environment. However, I've decided to switch up my co-working space this time around. I've chosen a new location down by "the docks" here in Leeds.

Leeds Dock, previously known as Clarence Dock, has flourished into a bustling waterfront destination that harmoniously combines culture, leisure, and a strong sense of community. This revitalized area has transformed into a vibrant hub where one can find an array of shops, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues. With its idyllic waterfront setting, Leeds Dock offers a delightful atmosphere, inviting visitors to revel in breathtaking views, enjoy leisurely walks, and partake in numerous events and activities throughout the year.

Leeds Library

It turns out I have a bit of a library addiction, who would have guessed? During my time in the U.S. last fall, I found myself using libraries as co-working spaces. Now that I'm here in the U.K., I've developed a deep appreciation for their architecture and rich history. In this era of advanced technology, I sincerely hope that books and libraries never fade into obsolescence.

Right in the heart of the city center, amidst the bustling retail stores, stands the magnificent Leeds Library. This cherished institution boasts a remarkable literary legacy. Since its establishment in 1768, it proudly holds the title of the oldest surviving subscription library in the country. Within its walls, an extensive collection of books, manuscripts, and periodicals covering a diverse range of subjects awaits exploration. The elegant reading rooms and serene atmosphere of Leeds Library create a sanctuary for book enthusiasts, researchers, and students alike. It nurtures a profound sense of intellectual curiosity, encouraging visitors to embark on journeys of discovery within the embrace of its historic surroundings.

Corn Exchange

The Corn Exchange is a magnificent Victorian-era building originally built in 1864. It was used as a trading hub for corn merchants, and you can't miss the stunning domed roof and intricate ironwork. Today, it has been converted into a vibrant shopping center, with over 30 independent shops offering a wide range of goods, from designer clothing and accessories to homemade food and drinks.

It's a must-see for anyone looking for a unique shopping experience in Leeds. The architecture alone is so beautiful, but the variety of shops and boutiques is what really makes this place fun.


In March, I wrote about being cast in a film through the Screen and Film School - a private university in Manchester. Waiting for the film to be edited and finalized is always the hardest, but they recently sent me the finished product!

They also told me it won "Best Film" at the Uni's End of the Year Awards! It was really fun to be a part of it.

In a dystopian future set in California 2063, Benny (a savvy tech broker) arranges a meeting with a grubby, sleazy Hollywood producer (Alfred) to try and sell him a new, state-of-the-art digital hologram (Olivia.) He ends up facing a disturbing dilemma that he never expected.

Bob Tapper: Life Abroad, a documentary travel podcast

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I've glad to be back in Leeds and excited for a fun summer adventure. There are lots of things to do here, and I can't wait to explore the beautiful landscapes of North England outside the city.

My Airbnb feels familiar and comfortable, which makes me happy. Leeds has become like a second home to me, and I appreciate how welcoming it always is. I'm really looking forward to the adventures ahead and making this summer in Leeds one that I'll never forget.

I really appreciate those who have been reading this blog. Thanks for following along!


Bob Tapper

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