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Let it Be Liverpool

Hello from Liverpool, UK!

The creativity and fun continues here, with some big experiences that I'll never forget! Leeds (and north England) has really proven to be everything I had hoped for.

When I compare what I've been doing the past three months to the last couple of years - it couldn't be more different.

There's so much going on in my life now. Classes and workshops to attend. Scripts to memorize. I had none of this for so long, so it's been quite an "enjoyable" adjustment.

But...networking, meeting new people, taking classes, and learning more about the film industry is everything I've wanted. I'm very happy on this path and looking forward to continuing.

Isaac's Workshop

You know you're in for fun and good times when attending a Masterclass in Screen Acting taking place in a "treehouse"- or at least that's what they call their cool filming space and production studio!

Isaac Who ( offered this one day workshop which took place in Golcar, UK, which is about 1/2 hour outside Leeds. The location couldn't have been more beautiful, with a setting amongst the green, rolling hills.

I spent the day meeting some amazing, talented people, filmed a scene, and learned a lot. It was an incredible experience!

Go Ape

I spent a day swinging through the trees at GoApe here in Leeds with a few friends. It was super fun and very challenging. The zip lines were easy and breezy, with only one wobbly ladder we had to cross that made me think I might fall. But you're safely harnessed, so there really isn't any danger. It does get you out of your comfort zone!

Beautiful Places

I'm so impressed with the beauty of West Yorkshire, which is what this area of England is called. Here are a few of my favorite photos from my day trip visit to Ilkley. It's only a quick 30-minute train ride from Leeds - an easy day trip.

It was a beautiful sunny day to walk along the River Wharfe and across the Suspension Bridge. So peaceful. I loved it here.


This is my last month in Leeds - at least for a while. But I'm staying here "up north" within the three main cities - Leeds, Manchester, and Liverpool.

My Airbnb has worked out really well given that I wasn't sure how I'd adjust to living with "flatmates." I enjoy having my own place and privacy, so sharing with others has been quite different, yet kind of fun. All my flatmates have been super nice and friendly. My bedroom is comfortable and the host keeps the house very clean.

Going to my co-working space every day has been a joy. I've met some really nice people, and I hope to create some long-term friendships (in addition to the others I've made along my journey.) I even taught an Improv class one day! We laughed and had so much fun. I've made a home for myself here.

Next stop is Liverpool. It's a Long and Winding Road by train, but With a Little Help from My Friends, it's going to be an exciting summer! This is no time to Let it Be.

Thanks for following along!



Bob Tapper


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