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Onward to Lisbon

Hello from Lisbon!

So, it's onward to Lisbon, Portugal! Things changed quickly for me in November. I'm never sure how Covid will affect my travels. In Edinburgh, the lockdown and restrictions were such that I really couldn't do much. Restaurants had closed, as had many stores, and nothing stayed open past 6pm. Then came the talk of restricting travel.

I had planned on staying in Scotland until the end of November. But the fewer Covid restrictions, warmer temperatures, and the ability to cross the border into Portugal made me want to leave sooner. And so I did...

I had heard wonderful things about Lisbon, so I knew I'd probably really like it here. It has really exceeded my expectations! The pleasant temperatures are very welcome, and the closeness to the ocean gives me California vibes. They even have palm trees here!

My Airbnb is super cozy, and I'm about a 10 minute walk to the ocean. On the way, I stroll through beautiful streets with European charm - cool stores, awesome cafes, and stunning buildings with magnificent architectural design.

Loving Lisbon

I love being near the ocean again! Lisbon hits all the right spots for me. I'll have many more pictures to share since I'll be here for a while, but this place truly makes me happy!

Christmas in Lisbon

I'll be spending Christmas here, and I must say the city is lit so beautifully at night! It feels good to be in a place that celebrates at this time of year. Though I can't be with my family during the holidays, strolling through these streets and looking at these decorations gives me so much joy!

Acting 2020: Highlights

I've had so much fun this year exploring the actor inside me. Being creative and getting outside my comfort zone is something I really wanted to experience. In June, I took a two-hour train ride to Stoke-on-Trent, UK to work with director Chris Stone to shoot a fun scene called Hollywood to Homeless. Then, my Airbnb host's son and I made a couple short films where I got to play a crazy author (Andy Wexler) - and a wizard (Mr. Umbridge) in a Harry Potter Fan Film called The Trials of Mr. Umbridge. And I finished up my time in London with two scenes filmed at the Actors Studio UK/Pinewood Studios! Here's the highlight reel:


I'm closing in on the end of my first year traveling through Europe and the UK, and looking back, I am just so thankful and grateful to be on this journey.

In addition to having seen many new parts of the world, I've started on a new, professional career - having filmed some acting scenes and trained with the best at Actors Studio UK and Pinewood Studios. I am ready to take on 2021!

I'll be in Lisbon for about two more months and leaving in February. There is so much to see and explore here. Portugal is such a beautiful country, and I can't wait to see more of it. I'll be sharing more pictures and videos in the next couple of months!

I'm not sure where I'm going next, but I don't have to think about that at the moment. I just want to take in this experience and live life the best I can.

Thanks for following along! Stay safe and healthy everyone!



Bob Tapper


Outside US: +01 9494846275

Inside US: (949) 484-6275

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